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Now that college football finally had a tournament, it’s time the GOP presidential primary debates follow suit. Think how much more compelling it would be to watch these candidates go head-to-to-head in a winner-take-all system than watching way too many people on stage talking over one another for just a few more seconds of face time. Imagine the possible combinations of candidates on stage going at it!

This current debate would come out looking something like this (I used the Real Clear Politics poll averages).

Republican GOP Presidential Primary Debate Tournament

Sorry the image came out grainy. Here are the names from top to bottom:

8 Kasich vs 9 Paul, winner would face 1 Trump
5 Bush vs 5 Gilmore, winner would face 4 Carson
7 Fiorina vs 10 Huckabee, winner would face 2 Cruz
6 Christie vs 11 Santorum, winner would face 3 Rubio

No candidates will be able to gripe about not getting on stage (though perhaps Paul would still skip if he knew Trump were waiting on the other side).

There would, of course, have to be predefined rules for how each round will be scored. Perhaps different topics will be covered each round. Each match-up would only have about 5-10 minutes, depending on how long they want the debate to go. And at the end, we would actually have a declared winner (though it will always be disputed).

Would you watch the GOP Debate Tourney? What would you implement in the tournament?

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