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Sunday, 19 May 2013, 11:06 | Category : NBA
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When it began looking inevitable that the Kings would relocate to Seattle, I had an idea.  I waited too long to post it and it is no longer relevant; however, I figured I would share it anyway.

I never liked the idea of Oklahoma City having all of Seattle’s history.  If Seattle ever gets another franchise and renames it the SuperSonics, they will have no tie to all of the SuperSonic basketball of the past because it belongs to another team that plays in another city with no connection to those players.  So I figured if the Kings went to Seattle, they could basically switch franchise histories up until Clay Bennet bought the Sonics.

What this would mean is that Seattle would be able to keep all of it’s history, records, championship, and so on other than theSeattle SuperSonics, Sonics, Sacramento Kings, Oklahoma City Thunder, Clay Bennett, DeMarcus Cousins two years Bennet owned the team while it was in Seattle.  Therefore, all of the King’s history up until 2006 would go to the Thunder and everything from 2006 on would go to Seattle.  And since the Kings have bounced around so much anyway over the life of the franchise, there is less of a connection to one single city.

As for team accomplishments, it’s basically a wash. Both the Kings and the Supersonics have had 1 championship and 3 conference titles.  The Kings have only had 3 division titles whereas the Sonics had 6, but that is offset by the fact that the Kings are an older team and provide a longer history.

I figured it would’ve been a good way for Bennett to pay back Seattle in a small but significant way.  Oh well, it’s a moot point for now until relocation talks for another team come up.

Response to Jimmy

Wednesday, 11 May 2011, 6:54 | Category : NBA
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Kevin Durant. Zach Randolph, Oklahoma City Thunder, Memphis Grizzlies

Well, who should it be?

Last week in my post “Grin and Bear It” I talked about how I’m having a difficult time deciding who I want to root for in the Thunder-Grizzlies series. I’m not going to get into to get into the triple OT game last night because I think it’s been beaten to death already.  However, I did root for the Thunder in game four because I want to see the series go to seven.  And yes, I actually watched all three OTs.  (Check out some breakdown of plays down the stretch.)

To sum up, the Thunder has everything I want in a team.  They are likable, clean cut, tight nit, and unselfish (which may be debatable seeing Westbrook’s play in the playoffs).  The Grizz, on the other hand, are an underdog without a superstar trying to make history.

Here’s what Jimmy commented on this post:

I like the Thunder because of Kevin Durant. He is one of the few superstars who doesn’t showboat and demand attention.  Meanwhile, the Grizzlies best player right now is Zach Randolph.  He’s not exactly a likeable role model.  Go Thunder!  By the way, is their nickname growing on you yet?

I agree wholeheartedly with Jimmy on his assessment of the Thunder. While Zach Randolph may  not be the most likeable, the team just has something about it.  Memphis is not the most talented, but it’ll be you with tough defense and attacking the paint.  They truly have a shot a beating any team left in the playoffs in a seven game series.

How do you root against a true underdog story?

To further complicate things, I finished watching the Sonicsgate documentary the other day.  Sonicsgate is a documentary worth watching.  You too will look at the Thunder differently.  I know it’s not the players’ fault, but I don’t want Clay Bennett to get the satisfaction of winning.  At least watch the trailer.

And that is why I have a hard time rooting for the Oklahoma City Thunder now.  As for the name growing on me, that’s for a different post.

Should I hold Clay Bennett’s (the Thunder’s owner) betrayal of Seattle against this Thunder team?  Now it’s a best of three series, who do you support, the Grizzlies or the Thunder?

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