Fake Tough Guy

Friday, 25 February 2011, 15:56 | Category : NBA
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Turns out Bosh is a fake wuss too.

Two's Company, Three's Just Ridiculous

Sunday, 8 August 2010, 22:44 | Category : NBA
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I’m late in joining the discussion of all of the player movement in the NBA this summer.  The Super Friends joining forces in South Beach has been beaten to death so I don’t want to waste too much time saying what has already been said.  However, with this being one of the biggest sports headlines of the summer, I feel it only appropriate for me to weigh in for Unofficial Review’s first post.

The day before LeBron’s one-hour TV spectacle, Wade and Bosh quietly announced their decision to team up in Miami.  LeBron, for whatever reason, felt he needed to wait to make his announcement alone on national TV.  This appeared to have been an attempt to hog the spotlight and feed his ever-growing ego.  What he actually ended up doing was embarrass and infuriate his adopted hometown, Cleveland.  It appears LeBron’s bought a little too much into his own hype.  Personally, I don’t buy into the Miami Thrice.

Chris Bosh needed to get out of Toronto (unfortunately it was Vince Carter style).  It was only logical that once he did he would attach himself to one of his fellow free agents from the Redeem Team.  While a solid player and an obvious All-Star, Bosh is better suited for a number two role.  Pairing up with either LeBron or Dwayne was the way to go.  He had the right idea.

Bron and D-Wade, on the other hand, are both alpha dogs and play similar roles for their teams.  I don’t believe those two are going to coexist well wearing the same uniform.  However, they’ve played a lot together.  If they feel like they can hack it, then they may prove all of us naysayers wrong.  What surprises me most is that King James wants to play in somebody else’s kingdom.  D-Wade already won a championship on his own.  In stead of bringing in Bosh as a sidekick and competing to bring a championship to Cleveland, LeBron is laying down and joining the competition.  This seems to be telling the world that he can’t win a championship without Wade’s help.  People need to stop referring to them as “LeBron and co.”, it is not his team.  In Cleveland, LeBron was king; but in Miami, Flash will always reign supreme.  Is LeBron ready to secede the throne?

Out of all the teams in the race to land top free agents, the Bulls had the most to offer.  With one of the best young point guards in the league in Rose, a rebounding machine in Noah, and cap space, they were primed to land a superstar or two.  If either D-Wade or LeBron had decided to team up with Bosh in Chicago, they would have been my favorite to win the East.  My one concern would have been Michael Jordan’s legacy overshadowing any success they had.  However, Kobe and Shaq didn’t have any problems building a place for themselves in the Laker’s rich legacy.  But now we’ll never know.

Celebrating too soon?

Miami fans are certainly excited after their big summer.  They are already celebrating like they’ve won multiple championships.  Their presentation of the new Super Friends looked more like a Justin Bieber concert, and I personally found it appalling.  I’m not even convinced that Miami’s big three and a bunch of role players are going to bring Miami a championship (regardless what Jeff Van Gundy says).  All this being said, I can’t help but be a little curious to watch them play.  We’ll see if there really is room for three.

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