NBA Playoffs Picks: Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

-by Trevor
Saturday, 12 May 2012 | Category : NBA
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This s late getting up, but I assure you tonight’s game did not effect my picks in the least.

First off, let’s evaluate how I did last round. I don’t think there were many people thought that the floundering Sixers would be able to defeat even a shorthanded Bulls team, especially considering that Chicago did well without key players all season long. The Celtics-Hawks series could have pretty easily turned into a 7 game series. I nailed the Pacers in 5. The Heat-Knicks series on the other hand…I am ashamed to admit, I got caught up in the hype of the series. I never really bought into New York all year, then Melo went on a tare.

Now onto my picks:

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics: I am excited for a classic rivalry match-up. I love seeing these young teams have success. But I torn on who to root for. I want to see the Sixers continue their improbably run, but I don’t think they stand a chance against the Heat in the next round. I would rather see the Heat lose than the Sixers move on. Besides my bias, as old as this Boston team is, they just know how to win. I still think there are some match-up problems. Boston in 6.

Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat: Again, I really like this Pacers team and I hate the Heat. Indiana has a chance if they play this series very physically, but they are going to need Hibbert to just dominate, because LeBron will shut Granger down. David West will be another Key. I think this could turn into a scrappy series, but ultimately the Heat will win in 6. But I don’t think they will be blow out wins for the Heat.

As always, I guess we’ll see.

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