NBA Playoffs Picks: Conference Finals

-by Trevor
Sunday, 27 May 2012 | Category : NBA
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So far I’ve picked most of the winners right, but I have not been right on with the games. At least I’ve been in the ballpark.

OKC Thunder vs. San Antonio Spurs: This should be an amazing matchup. You’ve got the speedy point guards and the lefty capable of taking over the game coming off the bench. Where the Thunder have their biggest advantage is Kevin Durant. The Thunder have players that can guard Tim Duncan, but the Spurs don’t have anybody that matches up great against KD. Having said that, Stephen Jackson is no scrub on D.

Other than that, the Spurs nudge the Thunder in every other category. While the Thunder can score on anybody, they also rely heavily on the jump shot. What are they going to do when the Spurs’ D gets locked in? Because even the Spurs guards can get points almost at will when they need to. It is hard to imagine the Spurs losing at all the way they’ve been playing. But I think they’re win streak will come to an end this series. The question is, how many games can the Thunder pull out? Because if it is close in the final minutes, the Spurs won’t lay down like the Lakers did. Spurs in 5. But the Thunder are capable of pulling out two if their shots keep falling.

Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat: I hate to say this, but LeBron and Wade have been playing lights out. Early in the playoffs, Magic Johnson was saying how if you have two of the best players in the world, no one else on the team should matter. He said they just need to go out there and play ball. I still thought the Heat would win that last series (one of the few I predicted right on), but I didn’t not think it was going to be because those two both would play that well at the same time. Not to mention they team can play defense.

The Celtics do alright on defense too. The question is, can the hobbled Celtics get enough scoring to compete against the Heat. This Celtics team can never be counted out. They are true competitors and know how to win. Before the last series, I would have confidently predicted the Celtics to win the series, now I’m not so sure. I think it’ll be the Heat, but that it will take them 7 to do it. I Hope I’m wrong.

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