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-by Trevor
Friday, 27 April 2012 | Category : NBA
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Fear the Fro, Ben Wallace, Detroit Pistons

Fear the Fro!


I have to apologize for my recent hiatus. I plan on banging a bunch out that I’ve had on my mind. But I figured what better time to come out of retirement than to honor Ben Wallace before his likely retirement? To be honest, not only am I a little rusty, but the boys at PistonPowered did a great job honoring Big Ben, so I will just let you read that. Make sure to watch the video at the bottom. I would like to second the notion that whatever you decide to do, Ben, I’ll support, but please come back.

(PS- I feel like Patrick Hayes and I are kindred spirits after reading this. I really, really love Ben Wallace. I was horrified that after returning from two years in Mexico not watching basketball, Big Ben had fled for more money to Chicago! I am also insanely jealous that no one photo shopped him into my wedding pictures. I guess it’s not too late…)

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