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Monday, 21 February 2011 | Category : NBA
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Now that the All-Star weekend it’s back to work in the NBA.  But first, I want to take a quick look at the events this weekend.  You cant miss the best moment from the All-Star weekend.

I completely underestimated the rookie class this year.  Even with Blake getting limited minutes, the Rookie team won.  Not that they blew the Sophomores out of the water, but they were clicking.  I also thought it was funny just how much Cousins wanted the MVP like he had something to prove.  Do you think the NBA refused to give him the award?

Bill Simmons, I’m sorry I doubted your team.  I actually listened to the podcast with Jimmy Kimmel after I wrote the last post.  Maybe I would’ve made a better prediction if I had listened to it first.

Atlanta proved me wrong with a comeback in the finals to pull off a win over Texas.  In my defense, Texas had an unbeatable time in the first round.

The Skills Challenge is the one prediction I nailed.  Curry proved me right.  And for as much as Paul wanted it, I can’t believe he missed that first layup!  And I’m glad Westbrook was able to redeem himself from last year by making it to the finals.  By the way, D-Will’s record stands.

I was appalled by some of the shooting in the 3-Point Contest.  Congratulations to James Jones for pulling off an upset over the Celtic duo consisting of last year’s 3-Point Contest champ and the player with most 3s made ever.  Not bad.  Everyone else let me down.

I’m not sure what to make of the Dunk Contest.  I think it was predetermined that Blake would win.  While his final dunk was creative, it was not all that impressive.  I thought the level of difficulty and originality of McGee’s dunks should’ve earned him the trophy, even if his last dunk was anti-climactic.  And Ibaka’s dunk from the free-throw line was actually from the free-throw line, unlike the famous dunks by the likes of Dr. J and the Airman.  How did he not get a 50 for that?  I’m not saying he should’ve won, but let’s give him credit for what he did do right.  I know it’s getting harder and harder to come up with original dunks, but I’m not a fan of all the gimmicks.  Next year,  want substance too.  McGee is my Dunk Contest winner.

As for the actual All-Star Game, I enjoyed it.  It helped that I had it on DVR so  could skip through all of the commercials and boring filler crap.  While the defense still wasn’t amazing, it seemed to be better than past All-Star Games I’ve watched.  I still want to see them put home court advantage on the line.  I mean there was intensity, but coming from the wrong side of the court.  There was definitely tension between the Heat and Celtic players.  I also didn’t think about how Amare and Horford would coexist.  I didn’t notice any major problems, but I was waiting for the East to breakdown and start fighting each other; whereas everyone in the West was all buddy buddy.  While I downplayed the intensity from the rivalries, I overplayed the Celtics chemistry and defense stifling the West.  The Cs never seemed to get it going.

Something else I didn’t realize until I watched the game was the number of white players on the West.  At one point on the floor was Manu, Dirk, Pau, Blake (half-white, right?), and D-Will.  Okay, so Deron isn’t white, but he’s certainly fair skinned.  And Kevin Love was on the bench.  Very impressive.  There was not a single white guy playing for the East.  Interesting.

I was not a fan of listening to more Melo trade talk either.  Fortunately, the trade deadline is less than 3 days away and then we’ll all be able to move on with our lives.  I think he fits well with the Nuggets, but if he leaves it’ll likely clear a playoff spot in the West, giving the Jazz an easier road to the post-season.  I also want this Melo-drama to end so that the rest of the league can get on with their trades.  Maybe the Jazz and Pistons can still get something to happen.  I guess we’ll see in a few days.

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