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Thursday, 17 November 2011 | Category : MLB
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Major League Baseball recently decided that the Houston Astros are going to switch from the National League Central to the American League West in 2013.  This move makes some sense because the divisions will now have the same number of teams.  One problem now, however, is that both leagues have an odd number of teams so there will always be at least one interleague series going on throughout the year.  As a baseball purist, I’m not a big fan of this.  Imagine if the Red Sox or Rays were playing a National League team on the final weekend of the past season for the right to win the AL Wild Card.  Something just doesn’t seem right with that potential scenario.  I have never liked interleague play in the first place, but I definitely don’t want it to play a major role in September games.

This would be a scary Halloween costume except no one in an Astros uniform has hit anything in two years.

Baseball also announced the addition of an extra Wild Card team to the new playoff system.  I’m not a big fan of this move either because it most likely means there will be a one or three game playoff between the two Wild Card teams.  That is too short in baseball where the worst team can beat the best team on any given day.  Isn’t 162 games long enough to determine the four best teams?  We just had one of the most exciting regular season finishes imaginable last year.  It would have been completely boring if there were two Wild Card teams.  Granted, there will be years where two additional teams will add excitement, but why water down the regular season?  I don’t think teams with the 9th and 10th best records in baseball deserve a shot at the World Series.  Reward regular season excellence I say.  Oh well, at least they have a regular season…

As for the Astros, my all-time favorite professional sports team, it really hurts my already wounded Astros heart to see them move to the American League.  I love the small-ball managerial style of the National League.  I love the chess match that happens at the end of NL games between managers who have to decide who and when to pinch hit and how to use your pitchers accordingly.  The American League doesn’t have nearly as many decisions to make because their pinch hitters probably aren’t much of an upgrade over their worst starters, and you can pitch a pitcher as long as you want because you never have to pinch hit for him.  I will definitely still be an Astros fan, but I can’t root for the American League and their fat designated hitters.  Why didn’t they just take the Brewers back?  Ugh.  (stepping down from the soap box)

Maybe the coolest moment in any sport, the pitcher's mound dogpile with teammates coming from all directions.

Quick note on the World Series: it was awesome.  I’m not going to mention how I nailed the series with my prediction so I’m just going to say that is was a solid all-around series.  I don’t usually like it when people quickly make comments such as “that was the best season/game/shot/dunk/pass ever!”, but Game 6 was probably the best World Series game ever.  I went to bed because my wife was going to bed when it was 7-4 Rangers.  I have learned my lesson and now have an example to give my wife for the rest of our lives so I can stay up to watch sports.  Also, LaRussa walking off into retirement right away was pretty cool too.  Hopefully he stays away unlike Michael Jordan.  I don’t really have a good conclusion sentence here because this article has several different subjects.  Uh… have a nice day.

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  1. 1Trevor

    In my house growing up, we mostly watched NBA, NHL, and college sports. So for me it makes sense to have an even number of teams in both leagues. But I see now why a baseball purist wouldn’t like it.

    As for the extra wild card game, I’m still deciding how I feel. I agree with your argument against it, but we’re probably not going to have another finish to the season like this year again. This new game sort of creates that scenario at the end of every season.

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