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-by Jimmy
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 | Category : College, Football
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Dear BYU,

I am writing to help you get a better perspective of reality.  While I know you have never actually released any statements on the matter, it’s something we have to address.  Many around town think you are arrogant and it is important that you realize this.  I can’t believe that you think you can just get up and leave the conference because you think you can make more money elsewhere.  Since when has making money been a part of college football?  That has never been an issue!  Just because you can make around 10 million dollars of TV revenue elsewhere compared to 1.5 million in the conference does not give you the right to explore other options.  Don’t think that just because ESPN contacted you about televising several games each year means you may be relevant.  I don’t care if you have ready-to-use HD technology for your own channel, don’t you realize it isn’t about money?  Why shouldn’t Wyoming and New Mexico make as much money as you?  It’s not their fault fans don’t decide to come to their games or watch them on TV.  We are all in it together.  It is just plain selfish to explore other options.

Also, a lot of people think that you are just plain scared of Boise St. and TCU.  The conference has just gotten too good for you hasn’t it?  How many BCS games have you been to?  Exactly.  It doesn’t matter that in the last four years, BYU has 3 conference losses, TCU has 7, and Utah has 8.  Do you really think consistency is important?  No!  Why do you think Utah is considered a good football program?  You have 2 MWC championships in the last 4 years?  Please.  That doesn’t mean anything.  It seems a little too coincidental that you are doing that as soon as Boise St. came along.  Looks like you were scared to play the big boys after all.  Having them scheduled for 4 straight years before they joined the conference doesn’t mean anything.  You are scared of them.

Also, you really think you are the Notre Dame of the west?  Do you really think you could handle two ranked teams on your schedule this year like they have?  Don’t you know how hard it is to schedule teams like Notre Dame does?  You really think the likes of Tulsa, Western Michigan, Army, and Navy would play you?  So what if Texas jumped on the opportunity right away to schedule a home and home series.  They probably won’t even be good by then.  You are just plain cocky, BYU.  The MWC will be better off without you.  You are digging your own grave.  I just thought you should see what everyone sees and you just choose to ignore.


College football writer

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2 Comments for “Letter to BYU”

  1. 1Spencer

    Well said Jimmy, although I would like to make a point regarding TV revenue. Despite facetiously pointing out the fact that BYU would make much more money outside of the Mountain TV channel, and not just through ESPN, but also through their own HD channel, you failed to point out the fact that even if BYU didn’t get a dime more it would still greatly benefit them to use their own channel simply to reach more of their fans. BYU has the greatest fan base in the MWC, but they are not allowed to reach any that live East of the Mississippi, such as myself. I even went to BYU-Idaho, a sister school just a few hours north of Salt Lake, and I couldn’t watch more than two BYU football games in a season. My school has a total enrollment of 20,000 students, the majority of which strongly support BYU football, but we were cutoff from most of the season. I just wanted to watch some BYU football, but the MWC wouldn’t let me.

  2. 2Jeff

    I can’t believe BYU would chase all of that TV money but give up the chance for trips to Laramie, WY for a stadium half filled with Cowboys. I mean who doesn’t like Cowboys. That has to be much better than those trips to Malibu that the other sports will now have to take.

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