The Unofficial Review is commentary on the wide world of sports. I started this blog because my wife no longer wanted to listen to every opinion I had about the latest sports updates. While I love all sports, my favorites are college football and the NBA, so I may tend to have more to say about them. I have no intention to make any effort to hide my biases of teams or players. Please join us in the discussion.

Guest Blogger: Jimmy

I am definitely a year-round sports fan but my first loves have always been baseball and basketball. I also love college football and follow tennis during the Slams. I only casually follow the NFL, but I try to stay informed with what is happening. I really love reading about sports so I try to stay on top of the biggest issues that are happening at any given time. I always have an opinion about it too…

Guest Blogger: Spencer

While I was still in high school I visited Cooperstown, NY. Against my will I was forced to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame. I stared at a board that had the current league standings until I figured out how the standings worked. I’m still not sure why, but it fostered an interest in me that I had never enjoyed regarding professional sports. Many years, games and mentors later I have developed a passion for sports from college football and basketball, the NBA, and of course baseball. Not too long ago my grandfather passed away, one of his most pronounced legends is that of a die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, something I plan to continue.

Guest Blogger: Karl

I am the redneck on this blog. I love college football, NASCAR and guns. (Apparently, liking NASCAR and guns makes me a redneck. I am, however, only a quasi-redneck because I don’t have a truck, and I have two graduate degrees.)

I’ll watch almost any sport if it’s the championship game, but my creed about sports is the following: the NFL is only relevant because it makes college football possible, hockey is fun if it’s in person, tennis and soccer are interesting if I’m playing, golf is a useful cure for Saturday afternoon insomnia, poker should never be on ESPN, the NBA ain’t what it used to be, and baseball should be cancelled.

Full disclosure of my sports biases: undergrad at BYU–go Cougars, grew up in Southeast Michigan–go Wings and Wolverines, and as long as there’s a Ford in victory lane, I’ll be happy. If the game doesn’t involve the aforementioned teams, I favor the underdog.