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Yesterday, the NCAA announced unprecedented penalties and sanctions against the Penn St. football program. Many people are satisfied with these penalties. Others feel the NCAA did not go far enough. I, on the other hand, think it’s a load of crap.

The crimes committed at State College, while heinous and loathsome, are not under the jurisdiction of the NCAA. These were crimes committed by men involved with the Penn St. football program, but they were not related to the program itself. Those involved are receiving their punishments, but their actions did not benefit the football program.

Now I have no problem if the school had chosen to self-inflict penalties, or even if the state had since it is a public school. But the NCAA is unilaterally expanding its power and control over universities into realms that no longer directly influence athletic programs. If they can get involved in this case, where will they draw the line?

The crimes committed at Penn St. were reprehensible, but since when do two wrongs make a right?

(Check out an opposing view by my intern Ethan.)

Roller Derby

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Whip It, Roller Derby, Ellen Page

A while ago, my wife and I caught the second half of the movie Whip It, which is about roller derby. We were so intrigued by this sport and the world that surrounds it. We thought it would be fun to go watch it in person. So when we found out it would be in town, we knew we had to go check it out.

The third Wilson brother gives a quick and dirty explanation of the game in this clip. For more rules, go to Wikipedia, where else?

We showed up in time for the first game, which was the JV team. The local team lost 300 something to 38. But this gave us a chance to watch and figure out some of the strategy and rules. So by the time the second game rolled around, we were pretty much experts.

The second game was significantly better, and the players were much more skilled. While I didn’t really ever see the girls “whip it”, they sure could maneuver with much more agility and finesse. There were also some bigger hits (although I was disappointed with the amount of limitations on the physicality as a whole). If I attend in the future, I will show up for the main event. The game was actually extremely exciting.

The game started with the Treasure Valley Roller Girls, the local team, getting off to a huge lead. It was no surprise since we found out they were 22nd in the west (which actually means nothing considering we have no idea how teams there are in total. going into the second half, it looked like the visitors didn’t stand a chance.

Since it looked to be another blow out and the middle-aged overweight zumba dancers half-time show wasn’t holding my attention, we were planning on leaving early. But boy were we glad we stuck around.

TVR unfortunately also got it in their heads that this was going to be a blow out and the visiting team wouldn’t let up. Little by little, they kept chipping away at the lead. They finally closed the lead from over 80 down to 10. Just then TVR came up with some well needed points to stop the bleeding, but it wasn’t enough. Finally it came down to the final jam. TVR seemed to be in a good position to seal the deal when their jammer got sent to the penalty box with a major. The visitors took advantage of this, but their jammer appeared to have ended the jam just one point shy of tying the home team. After minutes of deliberation, the referees determined that the score was in fact tied. So the game went to OT.

The TVR jammer had to start OT by finishing out her major, which gave the visitors a good start. Fortunately the TVR’s blockers were ruthless, keeping the damage very minimal. Once out of the box, the TVR jammer rocked it and managed to cut the lead down, nearly catching up. But in the end, she just couldn’t make up the difference. The 22nd roller derby team in the west, fell in overtime by two points.

Even though TVR lost, it was a great game. Not only was it entertaining, but very informational as well. If you have the chance to go watch roller derby, I would say it’s worth attending at least once.

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