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After the Pistons underwhelming home opener, their new team intro is online.  Gores, the new owner, has made numerous changes to improve the image and mentality of the team.  He is also attempting to return the team to the blue collar work ethic and toughness that Detroit embraces.  While this intro probably isn’t the best out there, it is definitely embracing this image.

This is the image the Heat are embracing…

How can a team that advertizes Juwan Howard and Eddy Curry modeling preppy clothes really be the favorite to win the championship?  Dwayne and LeBron are way too consumed with themselves and their image that they’ve turned their entire team into a JC Penny’s catalog.  What happened to athletes who were just worried about winning?

The Jersey Score: Collars

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The Jersey Score, NBA collar types, V-Neck, Crew Neck, Bracketed Neck

In an attempt to make my scoring even more systematic, we have ranked collar types.  This will also save the JS from having to reiterate these points in each post.  Unfortunately, the latest Uni Watch just came out, because it could've save us a lot of time of looking up and comparing.

Okay, looking them up wasn't too bad, and now we have official names for each collar style.  (We are just using primary jerseys for this portion but tackle the alternates as we look at each team individually.) Here's the order of preference:

  1. Crew: Boston,Chicago, Cleveland, New Jersey, and Portland.  As classic as it gets.
  2. V-Neck (Classic): New Jersey, New York, OKC, San Antonio, Utah, and Washington.  These first two are the top tier.
  3. Wishbone (Classic): Dallas, Detroit, LA Lakers, Miami, and Toronto.
  4. V-Neck (with logo/detail): Denver and Memphis.  3 and 4 make up the second tier.  Their not bad, but why not use the best?
  5. Wishbone (Mitred): Golden State, Indiana, Milwaukee, Orlando, and Phoenix.  These next three are the bottom tier.
  6. V-Neck Abbreviated: Charlotte and LA Clippers.  It almost looks like it has a tare in front.
  7. Bracketed Neck: Atlanta, Minnesota, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Sacramento.  The point looks like a widow's peak.  I just don't get it, except for the Hornets because it almost resembles a stinger.

Take a look at the link, which collars do you like best?  Or do you even care what the collar looks like?

Response to Evan

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Last week I posted The Jersey Score: Washington Wizards on  Evan saw it and left this comment,

“You criticize “Wizards”, yet say that “Monuments” would be a better name? Yeah, ok. Obviously you aren’t from DC. Not every team from here has to have some sort of patriotic sounding nickname. We don’t associate with it as much as the rest of the country thinks we do. DC is nothing moer to us that a regular city. We would much rather spend an afternoon in Adams Morgan or Georgetown then checking out the museums that 99.9% of people in the country think that is all that occupies DC. Fools.

Thanks for the comment, Evan.  And sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you.  I started typing this in my comments section but realized it was really long.  Also, I want to clarify my thoughts for everyone else.

Evan, you’re right, “Monuments” would not be a better name.  I failed to stress that Washington really needs to have a solid replacement nickname if they’re going to make the change.  It appears they didn’t have one but wanted to begin the rebranding process anyway.

For the record, I am from Virginia and even lived some time in DC for a short time, and recognizing Washington as our nation’s capitol through it’s sports teams does not seem weird nor offensive to me.  I, for one, am clearly in favor of having team nicknames that are relevant to the city.  I think it helps represent the city. I don’t think Denver fans resent the nickname “Nuggets” or Houston fans the “Rockets”.  Even the Bulls and the Hornets has historic reasons for their nicknames (however small they may be).  Patriotic names seem to make sense for DC teams, but if there is something else that makes sense I’d be open to it.

I also think teams with classic nicknames that have no ties to their cities (Warriors, Kings, Lakers, to list a few) should be changed for that reason alone. If the Bullets had never changed to the Wizards that would be best, but it’s too controversial to change it back now.  (Whether you agree that it should be controversial or not is a different matter.)  I don’t think the Redskins should change their nickname, but if they did, they’d never be able to go back.

The franchise has a lot of history as the Bullets, but the Wizards just don’t. Washington is a city with a lot of transplants, and I think the general consensus is that the “Wizards” just is not the best nickname for it’s NBA team.  A lot of people think a patriotic nickname would be best.  I agree with you that “Monuments” is not the solution.  In fact, most of those I listed in the other post were crap.  I’m not even sure I would use any of them.

So tell me, what suggestions do you have, Evan?  Since you’re so fond of the many other things to do in the city, why not a name like the Washington Dupont Circles?  I don’t want to give any unfair treatment to Washington for being the capitol city, so let’s hear something that makes it sound “regular.”

Evan, and everyone else, I would love to hear your suggestions for a nickname for the NBA team in Washington.  Should it stay Wizards, return to Bullets, change to something patriotic, or change to something “regular”?

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