Quidditch All-Stars: Seeker

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Which athletes whould make the best seekers?

Seeing as how it’s Halloween, we’re getting as close to a Halloween themed post as I know how: Quidditch.

After three previous posts, we’re down to naming players to the final and most prestigious position in Quidditch: the Seeker.  (Check out our other posts on Keepers, Chasers, and Beaters.)  Harry Potter and pretty much every major character play the position.  This could be because the Seeker is such an important position because the outcome of the game almost always depends solely on which team’s Seeker catches the Snitch, earning Quidditch the title of Dumbest Sport Ever in some circles.

In the article from the link above, the author argues the sport is the “dumbest ever” because the Seeker is more important than any position from any other sport ever.  “More than starting pitching in baseball, quarterback play in football, and whatever it is that helps you win at hockey.”  The author makes a valid point.  150 point for one position when the most anyone else can earn is ten points at a time is pretty steep.  However, much like in soccer, point differential matters.  Losing by a smaller margin can help teams in the standings against teams losing by larger margins.

Another point the author and many others argue is that whichever team catches the Snitch always wins.  But that just isn’t necessarily true.  In book 4 at the Quidditch World Cup, Victor Krum catches the snitch for Bulgaria despite being down by more than 150 points to Ireland just to stop the beat down and end the game with some pride.

While I think the idea of the Seeker catching the Snitch to end the game is interesting, I think it should be worth about half as many points.  This would make it much easier for teams to rack up points to deter the opposing Seeker from catching the Snitch if they are down by too many points.  The IQA actually made the rule change.  I can’t find how many points they award teams for catching the Snitch, but it’s less than 150.

Seekers: “are generally the smallest and lightest players on a team, and there is a certain glamour attached to playing as a Seeker.”

A few months ago, Jimmy mentioned in a post how he pulls for the little guys (probably because he’s one of them) and gave the example of David Eckstein.  Not only is he small (5’6″), but he has experience catching small (although not as small as a Snitch) balls.

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You try catching a guy in golden spandex, it's not as easy as it looks.

The other Seeker spot goes to Chris Osgood.  Since he’s a goalie some may think he’s better suited for playing Keeper, but a hockey net is a much smaller than three hoops.  He’s only 5’10″, which isn’t that short, but he’s proven to have really quick hands.

And since I don’t know magic, we’ll need someone really fast to dress up in yellow spandex with a flag that the seekers catch just like in the IQA.  Who would make a better Snitch than Usain Bolt?  Even his name sounds fast.

So the final rosters look like this:

Chudley Cannons Montrose Magpies
Keeper Hope Solo Dwight Howard
Chaser Payton Manning Tom Brady
Chaser Steve Nash Deron Williams
Chaser Justin Verlander Roy Halladay
Beater Albert Pujols Adrian Gonzalez
Beater Zdeno Chara Rafael Nadal
Seeker David Eckstein Chris Osgood
Snitch                     Usain Bolt

What do you think?


College Football Picks: Week 9

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Last week was not a very good week for me in terms of picks, but I did call one thing right. I knew we were overdue the pleasure of seeing a top team fall, and we got two! What’s even better is that both came near to pulling off amazing comebacks but fell short due to a miraculous Hail Mary and a field goal attempt bouncing off the upright. I have no such predictions for this week, but I’d love to see them keep falling.

Trevor Jimmy Spencer Karl Lindsey
Previous Record 44/80 54/80 37/80 40/80 42/80
11 Michigan State at 14 Nebraska MSU MSU Nebraska MSU Nebraska
Syracuse at Louisville Cuse Cuse Cuse Cuse Lousiville
9 Oklahoma at 8 Kansas State Okla. Okla. Okla. Okla. Okla.
Illinois at 19 Penn State Illinois Illinois Penn St. Penn St Illinois
22 Georgia vs. Florida Georgia Florida Georgia Florida Florida
Wake Forest at North Carolina UNC UNC UNC Wake UNC
California at UCLA Cal Cal Cal Cal UCLA
Mississippi State at Kentucky Miss. St. Miss. St. Miss. St. Kentucky Kentucky
13 South Carolina at Tennessee So. Car. Tenn. So. Car. So. Car. So. Car.
Oregon State at Utah OSU OSU OSU Utah OSU

College Football Picks: Week 8

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As we get deeper into the season, games are starting to get more and more competitive, but it’s very improbable that all of the top the eight undefeated teams to remain so throughout the rest of the season (except for the head-to-heads, obviously).  However, for some reason, our picks are beginning to look more and more similar.  At least Lindsey is picking all sorts of upsets (whether she realizes it or not).

So who’s going to be the first of the top 8 to fall? Who’s going to remain undefeated?


Trevor Jimmy Spencer Karl Lindsey
41/70 48/70 33/70 36/70 38/70
Cincinnati at South Florida Cincy SFU SFU SFU Cincy
24 Auburn at 1 LSU LSU LSU LSU LSU LSU
No. 12 Georgia Tech at Miami (FL) GA Tech Miami GA Tech GA Tech Miami
North Carolina State at Virginia UVA NCST UVA UVA UVA
Fresno State at Nevada Fres. St Nevada Nevada Fres. St Fres. St
Utah at California Utah Cal Cal Cal Utah
USC at Notre Dame ND ND ND USC ND
 4 Wisconsin at 23 Michigan State Wisc. Wisc. Wisc. Wisc. Wisc.
Washington at No. 7 Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Wash.
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