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Will the Mavericks get revenge?

What a playoffs it has been.  I was going to summarize the playoffs to this point but then stumbled upon this video.

TBJ Video: 2011 NBA Playoff Recap from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.

That about sums it up to me.  Despite only one series going seven and the conference finals being complete let downs, it has been a great year. And it should be.  The NBA owes it to us since we may be missing quite a bit of basketball if not the entire season next year.  I hope these Finals live up to all the hype.

Our picks:

Jimmy- Mavericks in 7

Spencer- Mavericks in 6

Trevor- Mavericks in 6

I know just about everybody at ESPN has pick the Heat to win in 6, but none of us can bring ourselves to pick them.

Who do you think will win it all?

Change of the Tide

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Jim Tressel retires, Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio St head coach, Jim Tressel, retired today amid the NCAA investigations do to violations he and members of the Ohio St football team made.  (To get the full story read this.)  This comes as great news to Michigan fans and probably around the rest of the Big Ten as well.

Five months ago when news of the violations first came to light, I was shocked when the NCAA only gave a five game

Ohio St Buckeyes crying fans

There's more of this to come in Columbus

suspension at the beginning of next season to the players involved.  Not only were they allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl (especially when a co-champion of the Big 10 was left out of a BCS bowl), the toughest of those five games will most likely be Michigan State and only one game will be played away from Columbus.  But now the NCAA is looking further into Terrelle Pryor and benefits he received.  So I suppose it’s possible the school could be stripped of its 2010 victories.

It wasn’t until some emails came to light that showed Tressel knew these violations had taken place and failed to inform his superiors that he sort of apologized and he was given a slap on the wrist with a two game suspension by the university.  Even though Tressel volunteered to take the same five game suspension as his players, the punishment still was not enough.  Ohio St probably should have fired him on the spot to show that winning wasn’t the most important thing to them.  But I guess not all universities have the integrity BYU does.

Tressel is always spoken about with the utmost respect by the media, which is why I was so surprised to find out that this was not the first time he has run-ins with the NCAA.  While at Youngstown State, the university was stripped of scholarships because of his program. Now Tressel is finally doing the honorable thing by stepping down.

University of Michigan Wolverines fans

I hate to celebrate before the season evens begins, but I can't help but to feel like things are looking up.

While the Michigan-Ohio St rivalry has been a heated one over the years, Ohio St has dominated with Tressel at its helms (ouch, that hurt to say).  But things are looking up in Ann Arbor.  The firing Rich Rodriguez and hiring of Brady Hoke as head coach (who an assistant at Michigan earlier in his career and has been successful as head coach at other schools) has restored hope to what has historically been a very proud program.  Ohio St’s current turmoil is just icing on the cake.

American Idol Power Rankings: Finale

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What a season!  The first time I ever watched all the way from the auditions.  There were two that stood out to me from the beginning: Casey and Scotty.  By now you should no my preference between the two finalists, so instead of ranking the two I’m just going to list my thoughts on each round.  This week had a little more country than I’d really care to listen to, but honestly, both did a great job.

Round 1: I liked Scotty’s song and overall performance better, but Lauren came out with a lot of energy and a great performance.

Round 2: Scotty is very likeable.  Lauren, on the other hand, wears ugly, tacky dresses that accentuate her shape.

Round 3: Has there ever been a winning single on Idol that wasn’t cheesy?

I’ve loved watching Scotty from the beginning and hope he wins.  But no matter who wins both will go on to have careers.  With that being the case, I almost hope Lauren wins so Scotty doesn’t ever have to sing that song again.  With all the talent and loveable contestants this year, I’ll have a hard time accepting Lauren as the winner.  We’ll see tomorrow.  Good luck to both Scotty and Lauren!

Did you like either of the new singles they sang?

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