Week 13 Predictions: Rivalry Week

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Rivals matchup this week in the Big XII, Big Ten, Big East, SEC, and Mountain West.  In honor of these rivalries and your extra helping of turkey we are doing an extra helping of picks. But first, let me tell you where we’re at. Jimmy only went 7-3 last week, but that didn’t keep him from first place with his total record at 64-36. Karl also got 7 right last week but is has only predicted 59% to date. Spencer did not do so hot last week, only predicting 4 of 10. He is also in last place with a record of 58-42. I got 6 right, but at least I called the Oregon St game. Told you not to bet on USC, but everyone else made the same mistake this week. Overall I’m second at 62-38.

I love rivalry games. It’s when teams pull out all the stops and anything can happen (I still get goosebumps).  There’ll be a lot of good football this week with a lot on the line. Both my teams, BYU and Michigan, are involved in two of the best college football rivalries and I went with both of them. There’s no way I’m picking their rivals against them (shame on you, Karl). If you don’t understand, click here. Plus, if Ohio St loses then Sparty should make it to the Rose Bowl. Even though Michigan State is overrated this year, but I would never put my money on Penn St. But I still think Jimmy could be on to something with that pick.

The Iron Bowl is up for grabs. I think LSU’s luck is about to run out. The Tigers are good, but they’re even luckier and Arkansas is an all around solid team. (If Michigan had hired Les Miles in stead of Rodriguez, Mallet probably wouldn’t have transferred and th two would be playing together in maze and Blue.) Perenial hotshots Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and USC have the cards stacked against them this week. But like I said, anything can happen.

Matchup                                      Karl                 Trevor                 Spencer                   Jimmy

17 Texas A&M @ Texas         A&M               A&M                      A&M                         A&M

West Virginia @ Pitt               WVU                Pitt                        Pitt                             Pitt

2 Auburn @11 Alabama        Auburn          Bama                    Bama                         Bama

21 Arizona @ 1 Oregon          Oregon           Oregon                Arizona                    Oregon

4 Boise St @ 19 Nevada         BSU                  BSU                       BSU                            BSU

Virginia @ 16 VA Tech          VA Tech        VA Tech             VA Tech                   VA Tech

18 S Carolina @ Clemson        S Car              S Car                     S Car                          S Car

Florida @ 22 Florida St           Florida          FSU                       FSU                           FSU

North Carolina @ Duke            UNC               UNC                      UNC                          UNC

Michigan @ 9 Ohio St                Ohio St          Michigan            Ohio St                     Ohio St

10 Michigan St @ Penn St        MSU                MSU                    MSU                           Penn St

Kansas @ 14 Mizzou                   Mizzou           Mizzou               Mizzou                      Mizzou

5 LSU @ 12 Arkansas                 Arkansas       Arkansa             Arkansas                  Arkansas

BYU @ 20 Utah                            BYU                 BYU                     BYU                            BYU

Washington @ California          Cal                   Washington       Cal                               Cal

25 Mississippi St @ Ole Miss    Miss St           Miss St                 Miss St                       Miss St

Oregon St @ 6 Stanford              Stanford        Stanford             Stanford                    Stanford

Georgia Tech @ Georgia             GA Tech        Georgia               Georgia                     Georgia

13 Oklahoma @ 9 Ok St               Oklahoma       Ok St                    Ok St                          Ok St

Notre Dame @ USC                        USC                  Notre Dame      USC                            USC

Think you can pick ‘em btter than us? Leave your picks in the comment box below  if you dare.

Week 12 Predictions

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*Check out my final installment of my NBA Summer Review posted below (and yes, I realize we’re 3 weeks into the season).

Last week Jimmy had the high score with 8-2 out of his picks. Karl and I tied at 7-3. Spencer came in last batting .500.  I’ll have to get back to you on the up to date totals. This week does not hold a lot of implications for major bowl games.

The Big Ten is still working out its 3-way tie and Iowa has the best shot at narrowing it down to 2. I was too scared to put too much confidence in Iowa, but I’ll sure be rooting for them. I like Jimmy’s pick of Texas A&M. They’ve been doing really well since they switched to their back-up QB. I do not like how everyone jumped on the USC bandwagon. I realize they’ve improved since the beginning of the season, but the Beavers have been one of the better teams against the Trojans in recent history and Lane Kiffin is still the coach. It looks like the Big East has some of the bigger match-ups this week because they all stink and each of them are just as likely to suck as the next. Speaking of bad teams, I’m excited for Utah to lose its third game.

Matchup                                      Karl                 Trevor                 Spencer                   Jimmy

Pitt @ South Florida                 Pitt                   Pitt                      USF                          Pitt

West Virginia @ Louisville      WVU                Louisville           WVU                       WVU

North Carolina St @ UNC        NCSU              NCSU                  UNC                        NCSU

9 Ohio St @ 20 Iowa                 Iowa                 Ohio St               Ohio St                    Ohio St

16 VA Tech @ 24 Miami           VA Tech           VA Tech             VA Tech                  VA Tech

13 Arkansas @ 21 Miss St         Arkansas          Arkansas           Arkansas                 Arkansas

UConn @ Syracuse                     UConn              Syracuse           Syracuse                  Syracuse

8 Nebraska @ 19 Texas A&M   Nebraska         Nebraska          Nebraska                 Texas A&M

USC @ Oregon St                        USC                  Oregon St         USC                           USC

23 Utah @ San Diego St            Utah                  SDSU                SDSU                        SDSU

NBA Summer Review- Southwest Division

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It’s about time I finally finish my review from the summer. My picks based off of what I saw from the summer are pretty irrelevant at this point, but I want them on record in case any turn out to be accurate. I’m pretty off on a few of my predictions, but the season is still young.

Southwest Division: After a couple of down years, it looks like this division is ready to reclaim its title as the best in the league.

Dallas Mavericks: They’ve had at least 50 wins for the last decade. I have no doubt that the talent the team has has picked up is good enough to win enough to keep them at the top of the

Coming off the bench can't stink as bad as that.

conference. The rejuvenated Tyson Chandler is a good addition to have coming off the bench. It’s one of the few teams that has the size needed to go far and maybe even compete against the Lakers. Even with a loaded team with a good record, I expect to see them chocked in the playoffs again.

(1st-Southwest, 2 West)

Houston Rockets: I like the switch of Courtney Lee for Trevor Ariza. The last several year the Rockets have thrived on scrappy, hardworking players (ex. Battier and Scola) and Lee brings them solid D at the 2. Having Brad Miller come off the bench is a smart idea because who knows how effective Yoa will be or how long he’ll even last (unfortunately, I was right about this). I think they have the talent to compete for a playoff berth, but the West looks like it’s as loaded as ever so I think their season won’t exceed 82 games.

(3rd-Southwest, 9th Wes)

Memphis Grizzlies: Rudy Gay has always been good, but now he has to expectation to play $80 million good. Tony Allen is hardly going to take the team to the next level, but he should at least bring some well needed defense (which they were hoping to get out of Ronnie Brewer last year). I think they’re still weak at the PG position. They need Conley to step up his game if their going to progress. If they can keep jelling like they did last year, they’ll have a shot at being fairly good. I’m guessing they’ll just be one of the best lottery teams.

(4th-Southwest, 10th-West)

New Orleans Hornets: Keeping Chris Paul happy is obviously priority no. 1, but trading your

Now who will fill Paul's shoes if he leaves?

insurance at the PG is a big risk. For their sake, I hope it brings big returns. I like to see loyalty to teams and I think CP3 would honestly like to stay where he is as long as he has a good team surrounding him. Trevor Ariza is an athletic wing who can defend as well as score. If it’s any prediction to how well he’ll do, he looks better in the Hornet unis than the Rockets. To make it back to the playoffs their going to need more than two players. Okafur, for one, needs to start pulling his weight and earn his paycheck. I think they’ve still got some rebuilding to do ad big contracts to shed.

(5th-Southwest, 13th-West)

San Antonio Spurs: I’m not sure how resigning Richard Jefferson, a player everyone complained about under-performing, is supposed to recharge the Spurs. I just don’t get it. I watch Splitter play a little during the World Championship and was impressed. They do have an excellent combination of experience and youth. I would never count the Spurs out (I’ve learned my lesson), but I’m still not convinced they’re going much further than last year. But I’ve been wrong before.

(2nd-Southwest, 5th-West)

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