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GOP Debate Tourney

-by Trevor
Monday, 18 January 2016 | Category : Uncategorized
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Now that college football finally had a tournament, it’s time the GOP presidential primary debates follow suit. Think how much more compelling it would be to watch these candidates go head-to-to-head in a winner-take-all system than watching way too many people on stage talking over one another for just a few more seconds of face time. Imagine the possible combinations of candidates on stage going at it!

This current debate would come out looking something like this (I used the Real Clear Politics poll averages).

Republican GOP Presidential Primary Debate Tournament

Sorry the image came out grainy. Here are the names from top to bottom:

8 Kasich vs 9 Paul, winner would face 1 Trump
5 Bush vs 5 Gilmore, winner would face 4 Carson
7 Fiorina vs 10 Huckabee, winner would face 2 Cruz
6 Christie vs 11 Santorum, winner would face 3 Rubio

No candidates will be able to gripe about not getting on stage (though perhaps Paul would still skip if he knew Trump were waiting on the other side).

There would, of course, have to be predefined rules for how each round will be scored. Perhaps different topics will be covered each round. Each match-up would only have about 5-10 minutes, depending on how long they want the debate to go. And at the end, we would actually have a declared winner (though it will always be disputed).

Would you watch the GOP Debate Tourney? What would you implement in the tournament?

Why I should root for Ohio St.

-by Trevor
Saturday, 1 November 2014 | Category : Football
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That’s right, I said it. In this week’s upcoming Big Ten championship game, I should be rooting for the team I despise above all others to win and check its ticket to the inaugural College Football Playoff. In fact, I should also root for all the other teams I so regularly root against- Alabama, Florida St., and Oregon. If these four teams win, we think the Big XII has a good shot at being locked out of the playoff (despite what Nate Silver says).

The reason for this change is that the general consensus is if the Big XII finds itself the odd power five conference out of the playoffs, it will feel more pressure to  add a conference championship game to help bolster the odds that a Big XII team will get into the playoffs. This, of course, would mean expanding to at least twelve teams- probably BYU’s best chance of getting into a power five conference.

BYU is among the short list of likely schools to be picked up during the next wave of expansion, but it is hardly a lock. While it would seem logical for the Big XII to expand westward (assuming they are going to be able to steal any schools from the B10 or SEC), they have already committed to the east by picking up West Virginia. Even if they are not able to pry any of the ACC (often viewed as the weakest of the power five) teams away due to the new $52 million exit fee, they still have Cincinnati and possibly UConn patiently awaiting their turn. Geographically this doesn’t make much sense, but it allows the Big XII to expand into new, big markets.

On the other hand, BYU does have plenty going for it. It stacks up at or near the top of the Big XII in enrollment, average GPA, sports offered, facility sized, and probably more. And though it is a little farther removed, BYU has a national fan base (with more fans than either Cincy or UConn). If it can find the right pairing, perhaps the Big XII would prefer to start moving westward (assuming they expand) where there are a few more available options in case they continue expanding down the road. Some possible BYU pairings are (in no particular order):

  • Colorado St. helps them regain a presence in the state but not much else
  • Air Force also in Colorado is decent, but the Falcons are really loyal to the Mountain West
  • UNLV provides good basketball and access to a large market
  • New Mexico has solid basketball and much closer proximity to the rest of the conference
  • Boise St. brings the only other real football program and a growing basketball program, but they are very distant from the rest of the conference and don’t reside in a very large market
So in the interest of BYU, I should root for Ohio St. I should, but I won’t.

-by Trevor
Sunday, 30 June 2013 | Category : NBA
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It’s that time of year again that everyone speculates where the top free agents will end up.

Chris Paul- I felt confident that he would stay with the Clips well before “his people” told teams not to bother pursuing him.

Dwight Howard- I think he goes to Houston. The Lakers are a wreck right now, especially with Kobe out. He doesn’t like their coach and Kobe probably takes things too seriously in Dwight’s eyes. The Rockets have a legacy of big men without the pressure of LA. His coach would be a big and he’d have more access to Hakim. They have lots of shooters to so they can play more like the Magic did, except with a lot more talent around him. Not to mention Harden would be a lot more fun to play with than Kobe. I think Dwight touches down in Houston.

Andre Iguadala- I know the Pistons are interested, and I hope they land him. They will have to over pay someone who is closing in on 30, but that may just be worth it to get arguably the third best free agent who fills a need and automatically puts them in playoff contention. Especially since Dumars has to get his team to the playoffs this next season or he is likely out. However, I think ultimately he resigns with Denver.

Al Jefferson- After striking out on Dwight, the Mavericks will probably make a push for the next tier free agents. I know they’ve had interest in Big Al in the past.

Josh Smith- The Hawks seem to be rebuilding and probably won’t land another major free agent, so I don’t see him staying. I can see the Mavs, Pistons, and Pelicans all making a push for him. The problem is that he’d be starting at SF on those teams. Not really sure where he’ll end up.

Manu Ginobili, David West, Tony Allen- Staying put.

Andrew Bynum- Is he willing to take less and a shorter contract to play for a contender that needs a center like the Thunder or Heat? Do those teams even want him? I can see Milwaukee being all too willing to pay him what he wants.

Brandon Jennings- I think he stays with the Bucks, but if he goes anywhere, I see him signing with the Mavs.

Jose Calderon- The Jazz were seen as his most likely landing spot until they drafted Burke. Hopefully he resigns with the Pistons. There are rumors of a sign and trade to Houston for Jeremy Lin. I hope not, although I think Lin is better than what he showed last year. He and Harden aren’t the best compliments for each other.

Paul Milsap- I’d like him to stay as a sixth man for the Jazz, but it looks unlikely. I know he’ll have suitors, but I’m not sure if any of them will provide a much better shot at winning than the Jazz.

Tyreke Evans- I don’t think he stays with the Kings, but I’m not sure who’d want him right now. New Orleans? Maybe the Lakers get him cheap to help hold the fort while they wait for Kobe to return.

JJ Reddick, Kevin Martin, Jarrett Jack, or Kyle Korver- I expect the Grizzlies to go after at least one of these guys for some much needed shooting.

Both my teams, the Pistons and the Jazz, are rebuilding but can stay competitive if they make the right moves and don’t overpay the wrong people (O.J. Mayo). And with the Celtics and 76ers committed to rebuilding, I’m hoping the Bucks make some bad signings paving the way for the Pistons to slip into the playoffs. After this odd draft, I excited to see how free agency plays out.

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